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CENTURIA waterproof breathable sheeting - Code ACT-TTCEN

The Centuria sheeting between the boarding and the concrete is always recommended, to prevent the wood from absorbing water from the wet concrete mix. The waterproof sheeting also instantly prevents mortar from dripping through the joints, and the formation of dust in the underlying floors in the long run. Standard nylon sheeting is normally used in working sites. However, this has the disadvantage of creating a barrier at the level of the wood boarding, which can cause the formation and stagnation of humidity, with decay of the wood section of the floor. The use of materials specifically conceived for these applications is therefore highly recommended.
  • Material: 3-layer polypropylene
  • Weight: 150 g m2
  • Roll width: 1.5m
  • Roll length: 50m
  • Roll weight: 11.25Kg
  • Colour: light blue top / grey bottom
  • Steam permeability: approx. 2000 g/m2 /24H at 38° C
  • Resistance to steam Sd: 0.02 m
  • Temperature of use: -40° C/+80° C
  • Resistance to longitudinal tear: MD 300 N/5 cm
  • Resistance to longitudinal tear: CD 215 N/5 cm
  • Reaction to fire: E
  • Stability: UV 4 months
After laying two layers with overlapping sides, remove the adhesive film from the sheets and press the overlapping surfaces to join them together. It is also recommended to use additional double sided tape, to ensure good adhesion of the sheet to the underlying wood at the joints between boarding panels, where there might be small level differences. In case of holes in the boarding, once the holes have been drilled using the Ø 65 mm drill bit, remove all traces of chips and dust and apply the Ø 135/65 mm double sided adhesive reinforcement ring supplied. Once the paper film is removed (exposing the double sided adhesive) position the sheeting and cut out a disc as shown in the picture. This careful procedure allows to obtain the best seal for the connector and concrete slab support surface, avoiding water infiltrations underneath. Any damage or laceration must be repaired using sheeting off-cuts and double sided tape. For correct centering of the underneath beams, if the connector must be installed directly above the sheeting, before the same is applied, it is recommended to slightly pull out the heads of some nails used for securing the boarding at distances of approximately one metre, using a large flat screwdriver. Once the sheeting has been fitted, it will be easy to identify the position of the beams thanks to the small protrusions.
The waterproof breathable sheeting must be unrolled directly on the floor (or ceiling) surface, before installing the connectors (light blue side facing up, and grey side facing down). The edge of the sheeting that must be covered by the next sheeting is marked (10+10 cm).


See specifications: Centuria waterproof breathable sheeting with adhesive edge, consisting of 3 polypropylene layers, weight 150 g/m2, with approximate steam permeability 2000 gr/m2 /24H at 38° C, steam resistance Sd 0.02 m, reaction to fire E, CE marking according to EN 19859 -1/EN 13859-2


Rotary drill and column support

Drill and column support - Code ACT-TRAPCOL

High torque drill fitted on a very stable column support. Using the appropriate self feed bit, it is possible to drill 65 mm diameter holes on the boarding for "BASE" type connectors. Its operation is completely safe for the operator, who works in a very comfortable position. Available to hire or purchase.
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
For connectors: BASE

Self feed wood bit Ø 65 mm

Self feed wood bit for Ø 65 mm holes - Code ACT-FL65

Drill bit for Ø 65 mm holes with centring tip. Makes holes in the boarding, removing the chips.
For drills with chuck.
Code ACT-FL65

Double drilling machine with stand-up frame

Double drill - Code ACT-DOPPTRAP

Two electric drills mounted on an ergonomic frame allow two holes to be made simultaneously in the wood at the correct distance to receive the screws of the MAXI connector. Used with 8 mm diameter wood bits - Code PL08135165. Available to hire or purchase.
  • Weight: 9.1 kg
For connectors: MAXI

Drill bit for wood, 6 x 165 mm

Wood drill bit, 6 x 165 mm - Code PL06165135

Wood drill bit, diameter 6 mm x 135 mm useful length, for the preliminary drilling of the 8 mm diameter screw hole. Suitable for very hard wood.
For BASE connectors
Code PL06165135

Drill bit for wood, 8 x 165 mm

Wood drill bit, 8 x 165 mm - Code PL08165135

Wood drill bit, diameter 8 mm x 135 mm useful length, for the preliminary drilling of the 10 mm diameter screw hole. Suitable for very hard wood.

For MAXI and OMEGA connectors

13 mm 1/4” hex socket

Hexagonal socket - Code ACT-BE13-E

13 mm hexagonal drive, with hexagonal fitting for chuck. For connectors: BASE, MAXI,OMEGA.

Impact wrench

Impact wrench - Code ACT-DW292

Electric impact driver; its characteristics make it ideal for fixing the connector screws into the wood or into the concrete, 1/2” fitting. Available to hire or purchase.

  • fitting 1/2";
  • Weight: 3.2 kg;

13 mm 1/2” socket

13 mm hexagonal drive, with 1/2” square fitting for impact wrench. For BASE, MAXI and OMEGA connectors.

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